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My areas of specialty include relationship issues, depression, anxiety, phase-of-life/transitional issues, trauma/PTSD, family of origin issues, low self esteem, and grief/loss.


People are drawn to counseling when they are struggling personally or when there is something about their lives that they would like to see changed…

About Me

My life is guided by the belief that all living things have value and deserve compassion.  I’m originally from the Midwest, but I moved to Oregon in 1994 

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Couple Counseling

Couple and Family  Counseling   For a more comprehensive description of couple counseling, please visit my website dedicated to relationships:   Why doesn’t anyone warn us that what was once so great can go so terribly awry?!  Relationship problems are a fact of life and can range from minor communication disconnects to major chaos that leaves the relationship hanging by a thread.  We all bring our own set of behaviors, beliefs, expectations, and communication styles to a relationship.  Sometimes established patterns that were acceptable early on in the...

Specializing in helping with depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, family of origin issues, trauma, and couples therapy, marriage counseling and family counseling.