Catherine Palmer Counseling, Portland, OR



My areas of specialty include relationship issues, depression, anxiety, phase-of-life/transitional issues, trauma/PTSD, family of origin issues, low self esteem, and grief/loss.

Relational issues include:  high conflict couples, communication problems, pre-marital counseling, infidelity, addiction issues, separation, co-dependency, and divorce adjustment.


I am also the founder of The Couples Clinic of Portland.  If you can’t find an appointment that works with me, you are welcome to make an appointment with an individual or couples therapist at the clinic.  For more information, check out our website:


Individual Counseling

Through one-on-one meetings, you can begin to  deepen your understanding of yourself, your obstacles, and your   opportunities – and begin to make decisions that will empower you and bring you closer to  the life you want to live.

Focus: anxiety (including social anxiety), depression, relationship crisis, lack of motivation, loneliness, trauma/PTSD (including military), low self esteem, life transitions, grief/loss, chronic illness, family of origin issues


Couple Counseling

For a more comprehensive description of my approach to couple therapy, please visit my website dedicated to relationships: 

Through a series of private sessions, you and your partner can develop healthy ways to communicate, resolve conflicts, find compassion, and get what you need from your relationship.

Focus: pre-marital counseling, chronic fighting, communication problems, trust, infidelity, lack of intimacy and/or sex, parenting, grief, separation, divorce adjustment

As a therapist specializing in working  with couples, one of my goals is to help people break dysfunctional cycles and replace old, worn-out ways of interacting with more intentional and compassionate ones.  In addition to teaching new communication and life skills,  I help couples expand and reorganize their emotional responses in a way that helps increase empathy and understanding, engenders self-growth, and brings greater intimacy and joy to the relationship.  I am happy to work with couples on all ends of the spectrum – from early relationship/premarital counseling, to relationship tune-ups, to rebuilding relationships that are in serious jeopardy, to helping separated/divorced couples navigate challenges. 

Specializing in helping with depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, family of origin issues, trauma, and couples therapy, marriage counseling and family counseling.